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Blanco labels

Plain labels

What are plain labels?

Plain labels are those labels on sheets, blank rolls and labels in fanfold format, which are dedicated to further overprint (with the use of direct thermal and thermal transfer printers) or to marking information (like price or quantity) by hand.

Methods of printing

Depending on the type of surface labels on rolls, fanfold labels  are ideal for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. Sheets – for laser or inkjet printing.
Blank sheets are supplied for overprinting through a laser or inkjet process. Gromson provide plain labels using a range of papers and synthetic materials from general purpose to high performance. We cooperate with those of the paper and synthetic manufacturers, which are highly recognized on the market.
We are able to produce plain labels in almost every possible size and shape.  Finish may include vellum, semi-gloss, full gloss, ECO, TOP, silk, data, vinyl, polyester or polypropylene. The plain labels can be combined with any commercially available adhesive: from standard permanent, ultra-removable and opaque to deep-freeze, water resistant and highly aggressive hot melt adhesive – all at the very best price.


What are they used for?

Blank and plain labels are used for various purposes mostly in low cost and high volume solutions: as the barcode labels, address labels, for bulk packing and in logistics & shipping labelling. If you need a budget solution for bulk marking your products, plain labels are definitely one of the best methods to identify your products.

Labelling for:

barcodes, package identification, logistics, bulk packaging

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