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Initially printed labels

Labels with overprint

What are initially printed labels?

Initially printed labels provide the users with all the required, repeated information regarding the product. Usually they contain the logotype of a manufacturer, frame, address, graphics or one colour cover. There is also a space for changeable information (as barcode or date) that is added in the next stage of direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. Initially printed labels are applied on products from various industries mainly agrochemicals, food &  beverage and agriculture. The labels with overprint are high on abrasion and water resistance with quality adhesiveness. The labels are ideally stuck to the products to provide complete information about these industrial and commercial products.

Initially printed labels in food industry:

Initially printed labels are widely used on various food products. They can be water resistant and usually pasted on the boxes, bottles, sachets, cartons, crate and pallets. The labels are free from any contamination or are proven to have no bad effect on food item.

Labelling for:

food, beverage, agrochemicals

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