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Warning labels

Warning labels

What are warning labels?

GHS Pictogram Labels, CLP warning labels, ADR Hazard Warning  Diamond Labels and UN Labels stand for global harmonized system of classification and labeling of warning signs while working in an industrial or construction site where there are a large number of hazardous chemicals, toxic, poisonous or flammable. Display these warning labels wherever you store hazardous materials to alert others. Those labels are also required during the transport of dangerous goods. They are highly self-adhesive and resistant to moisture, temperature and humidity. Due to their strong adhesiveness with additional plastic cover, labels for chemical products, cannot be impacted even in the case of any leakage.

How are they produced?

These labels are specifically crafted using graded PP and PVC, PE, PET to make sure that they do not lose its information. We focus on clear visibility, safety and chemical substance resistance. Our  labels come in various sizes and shapes, as to answer the demand of our customers. We also produce labels on the paper material, ideal for packaging packages, envelopes, sacks.


Labelling for:

chemical industry, agricultural products

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