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Special purpose labels

Special labels

What can we offer?

In Gromson we respond to the needs of constantly expanding market. We offer our clients highly specialized labelling with additional functional & advertising features. Above all, we produce booklet labels, multilayered labels, piggyback labels, peel off labels or 3D labels.  If you are not sure, which type of labeling would be the best for your product, contact our experts, we will advise you and provide you with a solution.

Booklet labels:

Usually applied by those companies  that need to comprise a lot of content into a small place. Booklet labels are especially useful for pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer-industrial companies. In case of shipping overseas consolidating the translation into one booklet label might significantly reduce the cost of printing separate labels.  Chemical companies might use booklet labels  to publish obligatory information about the product.

Piggyback labelling:

Piggyback labels are made of double layers of silicone, which can be first divided and then partially or completely transferred to a new surface. Sandwich labels are frequently applied by courier companies and at warehouses, as  typical bar code labels for electronic tracing systems, but also popular for medical use and in advertising.

3D labels:

Before applied  mainly for advertising purposes, nowadays 3D labels and holograms serve as a protection against counterfeit and tampering. Skillfully designed, they can also strengthen branding of your product.

Peel-off labels:

Peel and reveal labels can contain additional information for the consumers, from cooking recipes to health and safety info, all contained in a small space. Also known as peel off stickers, these peel and reveal labels help reducing the cost of packaging. They are also popular, interactive tool for promotion (revealing special offers or discount codes) and are usually protected by special peel against tampering.

Labelling for:

food, cosmetics, mailing, promotion

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