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Foil labels

Film labels

What are film labels?

The film labels are especially useful in cosmetics industry. They are resistant to water, uv rays, sensitive to pressure, and they stay in place, when handled daily.  Resistance and clear printing are two most important qualities of film labels. Also thank to their glossy texture and possibilities of attractive design, they become the face of your product, and in fact most important factor in cosmetics branding. Film labels in general are widely used for marking products that are stored in unstable and humid external conditions. They perfectly stick to the surface and adjust well to the shape.

Which are main features of labels?

In Gromson we offer film labels of two materials: polypropylene film labels and synthetic polypropylene film labels. You deliver a design, we will print them accordingly in customized sizes or shape, with various thickness, depending on the category chosen. They can be additionally overprinted using colouring ribbon. Those labels thanks to their properties are the ideal solution for chemical and cosmetic branch (shampoos, shower gels, water bottles, hair oils).

Labelling for:

cosmetics, detergents, bottles containing liquids

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