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Shipping labels

What are logistics labels?

Logistics labels are mainly used in product identification systems and are patterned for packaging and shipping. They can contain the data of product, its receiver and also the bar code. They provide quick control and enable to quickly localize a unit. In this type of labeling focus is on functionality: handling and shipping labels must be informative, recognized by scanners, but also prevent counterfeit, tamper and duplicity – due to the high adhesion.

Labelling methods:

They are mostly made of thermal, semi – glossy or vellum paper. Labels for packaging have matte finish and glittering surface, and are easy to apply on the surfaces just by pressing. We also recommend shipping labels made on film that are more resistant to external conditions, especially humidity and temperature. In Gromson we offer shipping labels in various sizes, designs, colors, patterns and dimensions.

Labelling for:

packaging, shipping, storage, mailing

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