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Non-adhesive tags

What are non-adhesive tags?

We apply non-adhesive products, mostly of cardboard or of synthetic materials, to products off-the-shelf, such as clothes inserts  or  gardening products, but also for ticketing and carnets.  They are called also contact tags, as the customers enter into a contact with them – non-adhesive tags not only identify your product, but also bring  an unique tactile experience for your customers. In Gromson we offer two types of non-adhesive tags: made of cardboard or synthetic surface.

Synthetic non-adhesive tags:

If your product can be exposed to water, fats, detergents or mechanical damages during the transport – in such a case we recommend synthetic non-adhesive products.  They are designed for industry, gardening  – as they are resistant to external factors.

Cardboard tags:

Cardboard tags are widely used in clothing industry for labelling product with a product name, logotype of the company, bar code, price and size. Contact carton labels are available in different paper thicknesses, from 90 g/m2 to 250g/m2.  Non-adhesive tags can become an useful marketing tool – a way to present information, but also advertise your company and build a brand identity. We offer any tool sizes or shape (punch holes, inclusion of slots, perforations, along with tear-off portions) and we can originate new designs ( print on both or one side). The final product might be supplied in rolls, fanfolded or in sheets for further overprinting by direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser or any other methods.

Labelling for:

clothing inserts, gardening tags, ticketing

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