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TT labels & ribbons

TT labels

What are thermal transfer labels?

If you search for high quality of print and durability for labeling of the goods, you should consider thermal – transfer labels.  In this labeling method,  the overprint is created with colouring ribbons. The material is applied to the surface (usually paper), by melting a coating of ribbon. As a result, it stays permanently glued to label. Thermal transfer labels are mostly produced from vellum, semi-glossy or glossy paper and also from film (PE,PP,PVC,PET).

Where are they applied?

Thermal Transfer labels are applied in high volume quality printing. They are ideal solution for transport and logistics industry, but are also used for consumer durable labelling. They are applied always when the durable product identification is necessary (shipping labels,  inventory tracking and control, warehouses & storage). Thanks to their durability, thermal transfer labels are useful in most branches of the industry.

Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal  transfer ribbons provide printing of information, graphics and bar codes on labels. The proper choice of a ribbon has a direct influence on the quality and durability of the printing. Wax ribbons are perfect for paper surfaces. Resin and wax – resin ribbons have more durable printing and are used mainly for film labels. Using the proper type of thermal – transfer ribbon guarantees a high durability of printing and provides an excellent readability of printed information. Available colours are: black, red, green, orange, blue, white, silver and gold.

thermal transfer labels
Labelling for:

shipping, inventory tracking, storage

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