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Promotional labels

What are flexographic printed labels?

Beauty lies in the the eyes of the beholder? Not in the labeling for food industry, personal care products, cosmetics, detergents or electronic appliances. The main purpose of the multicolour labels is to allure consumers and influence their choice. In the times of highly competitive market, an attractive design and perfect finish are must-be of promotional labelling. In Gromson we offer labels with sheen that lasts for long and vibrating palette of colors. We do not forget about functionality: they are highly adhesive, adapt to the shape of the item and are resistant to water and moisture.

How are they prepared?

Multicolour labels are designed by employing most advanced printing technologies and premium grade coated/uncoted paper, PET, PVC, PE and vinyl . Flexographic printed labels might be  cut to specific shapes or supplied in standard form. In the process of four-color or spot colors  flexo printing  with varnish for protection  is applied. We adapt to the needs and specs of the client, so we offer labeling with golden sheen, decorative labels, hot stamping prints, no label look, with selective glue, peel off labels and many, many others. Our manufacture has the modern machine park that is used to fit the requirements of customers. We are able to process with labels up to 8 spot colours ( 7 + varnish).
We believe in keeping the excellent track record for customer satisfaction all over Europe by providing them with the best quality products at a very competent and competitive price.

gromson multicolour labelling
Labelling for:

food products, cosmetics, personal care, detergents, electronic equipment

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